Who We Are

Dean Transmission Parts, founded by Alan Curtis in 1962, as an addition to his transmission repair facilities has seen tremendous growth over the past two decades. Dean Curtis, president of the company, attributes the company's growth to several factors.

First and foremost, Dean Transmission Parts has a philosophy of total service to the shop owner and crew. Dean Transmission Parts prides itself on same day shipment 100% of the time. Dean has even delivered products to UPS after closing hours, making sure all orders are shipped on the same day.

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What We Can Do For You

Dean Transmission Parts stocks the complete inventory of transmission parts from all major O.E.M. and aftermarket suppliers. We also stock a full selection of new and rebuilt hard parts for both foreign and domestic transmissions including, seals, filters, bushings, solenoids, bands, switches, lubeguard, converters and flywheels.

More about what we can do for you...

Total service to the shop owner and crew!

Same day shipment 100% of the time!

Lowest prices available anywhere!

Most extensive inventory of O.E.M. quality merchandise

40 Years of Experience

Call Us: 413.789.4340

Fax: 413.789.4662

Toll Free: 800.666.8726 or 800.669.0400

Email us: deantrans123@cs.com